Watering The Seeds But With What?


Everything is present inside our mind. Seeds of happiness, sorrow, anger, joy, are all present. When we feel happy, we don’t get anything injected from outside.

We feel only those things which we water. Yes only those seeds grow which are watered. Others lay dormant till they are watered.

This is a very basic understanding.

The next question is what do we water them with? The answer is very simple. We water them with love. Love is the only force that we produce and water the seed which we want to grow.

The first doubt is what happens when we are angry?

When we are angry, at that time, we love to get angry. The seed of anger is watered by love. It grows and then explodes.

We stop watering the seed of respect, and water the seed of anger. we stop loving the idea of respecting someone else and at that moment and love the anger .

That’s why these emotions are called negative emotions. They negate the existing love and channel it towards unwanted seed.

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