This is a nano insight, and very relevant in today’s context.

We are not used to accepting positive things with out doubt and questioning. We are used to accepting and storing negative emotions effortlessly. In fact we crave for negative emotions. At times we derive pleasure in being sad, feeling bad and down. We love this state so much that in case happiness visits us accidentally , we feel out of place.

If this is our natural inclination, can something be done yo ensure that happy state becomes our default state? Can we reverse the trend! The answer is yes. The yes is accompanied with a condition. The condition is simple, but requires a very unique commitment. The commitment is in terms of belief.

Have supreme belief that things can be changed and , natural inclinations have feet of clay. Armed with this belief, be aware of the state and natural inclination. Go up the ladder in reverse order. Fill you mind with the commitment to belief, be aware of the feelings at all times. The way weeds do not require fertilisers, negativity just creeps in to the mind uninvited. It starts spreading its venom, polluting all happy moments, memories and actions. Mood swings take place, and before you realise, you are on to a thought train in the reverse direction.

You will become aware of negativity, when the train has gained momentum. If you try to stop it now, the internal momentum will provide the energy. But if you shine just the light of awareness, the train simply vanishes. It evaporates.

You are having a sad thought of a past unhappy incident, if you try to stop the train of thought, it will comeback with double force. But if you become aware of the thought, and wait for it to unfold the next one, it will simply vanish. Do this two three times and suddenly you will feel a surge of energy released and a wave of happiness engulfing you. Try it, it is helpful.

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