What Can You Give To Others With Joy


“Daan” is a Sanskrit word which means more than giving. It is giving away worldly possessions, knowledge and the desire to own them again in balance of life time.

Now this is a very tall order. What all can we give which replenishes again without our desire coming in between? Is there something that can be give away but still stays abundant in us? Can we give something where the joy is in giving and the joy refills the quantity given away?

Yes there are a few things that can be given away to others and still be ready to part with more.

The first things we can give away is ” true presence”. By merely being present fully with our mind and body in someone’s vicinity is a big give away. For the kids, the presence of parents is a very big satisfaction in life. By being fully present, we can give a positive confidence to the receiver.

The second thing that we can give away is “stability ” . Think yourself to be a mountain for the person you love. They need us to be solid and stable. The love grows, the joy multiplies. Let’s offer stability to everyone in our vicinity. This is simply done by feeling stable like a mountain.

The third thing we can give is “freedom”. Freedom of choice. Freedom of decision making. Freedom of loving. Give freedom. Receive love.

The fourth thing we can give right away is “freshness”. Freshness of ideas. Freshness of demeanour. Freshness of presence.

By giving away true presence, stability, freedom , and freshness, to anyone who comes in contact with us, we help in reducing the suffering.

We take a few notches off from the mind of the other person. Our presence becomes magnetic. We live a fuller life. People feel comfortable in our presence.

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