What is the nature of true friendship?


The nature of true friendship is that it should not entertain any type of logical conditioning.It is not something like a mountain that you climb step by step satisfying one condition after another.

In case friendship develops through the prism of conditional satisfaction, it becomes vulnerable to fault finding exercise. The moments of discovery of faults are very painful. The entire edifice crumbles, only to be built again.

Friendship emanates from ones swabhav- self nature.Theswabhav dictates the strength. In case one has the nature to expect quid pro quo, the swabhav manifests in the form of conditions. Conditional friendship gets sucked up in the gap between expectation and realization.

If one has the swabhav of seeking pleasure in sharing, in rejoicing when others succeed, in happiness of others, the friendship they develop is true friendship.

Just introspect on your friendship, is there a string attached, in case yes, simply untie that, experience the force of true friendship…It stops ageing….

I am blessed to have friends like you all, today is incidentally, friendship day….

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