What Is Your Operating Rhythm?


How do we start the day? How do we spend. The first hour of the day? How the first hour at work gets its energy? How do we move from moment to moment? from event to event? From activity to activity?

Is there a Rhythm? The biggest enemy of Rhythm is our friend called multi tasking. The urge to reach the end state early forces us to multi task. We get a sense of control that while we are answering the emails we are also in a conference call. But in fact we are simply disrupting the Rhythm of things. We are jumping from one to another with abrupt change over.

Whenever we are deep into a complex situation and suddenly observe that there is less time and more to do, ask yourself, Is there a Rhythm in what I am doing? A sudden realization will happen and half of the worries and pressures will evaporate.

Similarly, ask next question. Am I gliding between events of throwing myself all around. Is my movement like the feather gliding in air, or a stone being hurled at a dog?

Them ask the third question Is there a flow? Is energy flowing through me or I am gasping for breath!

Rhythm, glide, flow are the three benchmarks which decide the quality of our lives in all activities that we do. Let there be the three coordinates of our lives which will enrich the quality of output and bring in joy and happiness

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