What Makes Friends For A Life Time?


When we interact with others for a number of issues and always try to discern four things in others.

This process happens subconsciously and the life in us sends us signals which we recognise over a period of time.

The four things are

KRODH – anger in all forms. The more subtle it is the longer time it takes to discern, but we discern it and react accordingly.

IRSHA – Jealousy . It is discern at a very late stage of the relationship, but if it is present, it surfaces.

CHHAAL – Deceit. Once we get hit, or our interests are overlooked or taken for a ride, we discern the Deceit in others and the relationship sours.

AHAMKAAR – ego. The first thing to get noticed is how egoistic the person is. The relationship stumbles towards decay.

In any relationship, when our mind gives a green signal on all four of the above, we become friends. When the mind finally tells us that this guy does not have any of the four above, we become fast friends.

Have you noticed how strong is the friendship of childhood friends. Have you noticed how happy you feel when you meet someone after ages.

So friends, look around, see your friends and you will realize, all of them are without these four towards you.

Absence of krodh, irsha, cchaal, and ahamkar makes life long friends.

I thank you all for being my friend for all these years

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