What Robs Us Of Our Happiness Part-II.?


The first thing that robs us of our happiness is the feeling of anger. The misinterpretation of sensory inputs always is the cause of anger. It is simply residing in us. As they say external events are just a push to the energy waiting to explode.

The second thing that robs us of happiness is fear. Simple plain fear, with labels of thousand kinds. The classification is only of academic interest and serves no purpose in mitigating the feeling. Uncertainty in expected outcome makes this feeling rise up. Once it engulfes the entire mind space, it effects not only thought process but also the functioning of the body.

It is very difficult to tame this wild horse. A lot of courage is required to unshackle the mind from the kidnapper thought. The hijack is complete and , realisation of its grip dawns at a very late state.

A very effective technique is suggested in ancient literature. The thought process is objectifying the feeling and somehow keep it out of you. Once it is in the open, it burns in the heat of mindfulness.

A bit of internal samvad – dialogue is required when this feeling is absent. Pick up any situation where you were completely in the grip of fear. Try recalling similar situation from memory. Go as back as your childhood and try recalling the first time you were afraid in similar manner. You will observe it was as back as the time when you were five to seven years old.

Now recall your image, how you looked at that time, try some old photographs. Thus is very important, imagine, you the seven year old child is sitting next to you, in your lap holding your finger. You can only love this child , when it’s you . Look at it lovingly and tell him, we are afraid of strangers, but now we have become adults. We both will handle this encounter bravely.

Give courage to the child. Reassure him. Look at him with loving eyes. Your fear is the fear of this child. You have to dispel it from the mind of this child. This child is you.

How beautifully the entire thing gets resolved. It is so simple that all you need is a belief that it will work.

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