What Robs Us Of Our Happiness Part-IV.?


Four things which rob us of our happiness are
1. Anger
2. Fear
3. Sorrow
4. Pain

Anger is primarily attributed to our ancestors, responding to present sensory input, causing partial understanding which leads to burst of energy.

Fear is encapsulated in our childhood which either threatened our survival or makes us believe that we will be left alone.

Sorrow is the loss of object of attachment and unable to find a container for the energy flowing in the channel of attachment.

The final thing that robs us of our happiness is pain. Both mental and physical. The mental pain has only one remedy. Letting go. Let go the mental position you are clutching with all your might. Let go the idea that you feel very strongly about. Let go the judgement about others. Replace it with love. See your mother in everyone. This is a very strong trigger to let go.

In order to release the knot inside, which is forcing you to judge someone as bad, look at the person, their action or utterances as if your mother is inside them and saying , acting or doing the same thing. Your perspective will change. The negative force will change colour and will become love.

This will not change the act or saying of that person. But it will reduce your self inflicted suffering. Your toxic layer of thoughts clouding your mind will go away.

Logic will return and you will be able to remove passion from your response. Since your response will be less vitriolic, the position taken by that person will also diminish. In a few exchanges, both of you will reach the point of insight where it will dawn on you that the futility of the obnoxious behaviour.

Both of you will start smiling at each other. Disputes get resolved this way. Mental pain is relived this way and this is the way.

For physical pain, we need a different treatment.

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