What Robs Us Of Our Happiness.?


Why our happiness gets robbed away? Why we enter the state of deprivation of happiness so frequently? Why happiness is so short lived?

We have four feelings that hijack us away from our happiness.

The first is anger. Why do we get angry? Try answering this, we will reach no where. All answers we get will point to some theory, some medical term, or some nomenclature. We will reach a label only. We will not reach the exact reason.

You can try this. Just recall the last time you got angry. Go over the episode in your mind from the last argument, thought, action and retrace to its origin. You will start laughing at the sheer magnitude of your own misinterpretation.

The next question comes, why this mininterpretation? Why you assumed something wrongly? At that precise moment why you ignored one input that you took the wrong path?

This is real challenge of our discussion. If we can find an answer, it will help us in controlling our anger in future situations. If we cannot find an answer, then belief on following thought process will help us.

We all are a Xerox copy of our parents, who themselves were a similar copy. Thus in a way, we are carrying all our countless ancestors inside us. They all are ready to react. Any input, they all react and we respond with one of the scripts handed over by them. We do not over look. How can ear not hear what is being said? Unless it is badly or physically damaged. It is heard, we react,it depends which ancestor is answering. If things being said were not in their period, it will be discarded.

This is the real cause of anger.

You know what we all did while reading this post, we meditated. Yes. We took a thought, concentrated on it and reached an insight. The only thing missing was, awareness of breathing. Take a deep breath and re-read the post, it will definitely be a more enjoyable experience.

PS other three , in next posts…

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