The central theme of Our philosophy of life is “ have no attachment to fruits of your work”. You have a right to work, but no right towards the fruits of your work.

This thought seems to be impossible, how can I do something, just for the sake of doing and simply have no desire towards the fruits of my work.

But just consider this for a moment, in spite of its seemingly impossibility, it has survived 8000 years. In spite of a history of 1200 year old religious tyranny, forced conversions, atrocities, this thought still survives and as the indications are will spread in the world.

The beauty of the thought lies in its adoption. When one internalises the concepts, he is transported into an understanding which become part of life. Even if one wishes to do away with them, one cannot return to the state of ignorance. After you have gained some knowledge, can you revert back to original ignorant days! No , this is the cause of its survival.

Those who imbibe the concepts, move up in the evolution ladder. They become more evolved, they view the world, events, as action, work, and devotion. Once they have reached this state, no one can fall back.

Some nano insights that I can share are

  1. Work incessantly. Let there be no moment in your life, when you have nothing to do. Divide work into a few buckets. One is work to earn lively hood. We all do that most of the time. Second is work towards improving knowledge. Third is work towards transmitting your knowledge to next generation. We neglect the last two. We seek sensual pleasures to avoid the last two. But if we are responsible, we will do all three, we need to work incessantly. There is hardly any time left.
  2. Work as a master. We can work as a master, we can work as a slave. Most of the time, we work as a slave. This causes most of the inefficiencies and faults creeping in the work we do. If we work with love, we work as a master. This is a great insight. Our work will be more efficient and of good quality.
  3. Dedicate on completion to God. This is the reply to our first question. How can I forgo attachment to the fruits of my work? This can be simply done by dedicating it to God, your own God, whom so ever you believe in. If you are a non believer, then dedicate it to your non God.

A small example, I write this post, I share it, and the effort, I simply dedicate to God. The moment I do that, the feeling to getting anything in return simply does not arise in me. I have made my website, I do my posting, with love, at my own pace, nothing expected in return. Dedicated to God.

You can try the third part of dedicating to God, the effort of your actions, in your day to day life, it will be a very enriching experience.

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