Three Professional Promises


We all in our profession have moments of success, joy, defeat, betrayal, ignored at various stages by our superiors, peers and subordinates. At times it is encouraging, at times it is frustrating.

I followed the following three principals as the final guiding light to navigate the maze of professional life. They stood the test of time, they are everlasting. Now if I look back at three decades , I feel very satisfied that I have contributed towards everyone’s growth , who so every came in contact with me.

The earlier one adopts there in life, the better productivity one gets out of every one.

1. Never harm anybody’s career.

In all high pressure appointments, people with varying efficiency get associated with you. Incorrect friends, everyone is efficient. Inefficiency lies in your power of communication, inefficiency lies in your clarity of what you want. I realised this very early in life, thus simply never harmed anyone in their career growth. No wrong reporting, no spoiling remark on annual appraisals.

2. Never speak ill of anyone.

Behind the back, in front of someone, in an informal group, never spoke in derogatory terms about anyone. But what about bad people? There are no good or bad people. They are different. The biggest tool we all have is ignore and irrelevance. Ignore the bad act, you are depriving the person of the victory they were expecting.

3. Always fault resuscitation, no fault finding and blasting

If a fault has been found, it needs life to get on rails again. That comes from energy. If you blow off your energy in anger and finding more faults, well the life of the fault dies. We all stature at inefficiency . A fault is found , work towards its resuscitation.salvage the situation. Simply add your experience to it. It will vanish.

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Always Pray Thrice. But Why?


We all have been told since our childhood that prayers are to be said three times. Any invocation of God, our own God, has to be three times.
The most ancient and powerful mantra is “ Oom Shanti, Shanti, Shanti”
– Om let there be peace, let there be peace, let there be peace. This also does it three times

There is a very beautiful concept behind the diktat if three invocations

When you say the mantra for the the first time it is meant for the entire universe. Get that feeling inside. Invoke a image of the world. “ Let there be peace in entire world”. Your invocation has to hit all living beings. You are asking for the humanity to grow.

The second invocation is for your nation, community. In olden days the strict boundaries of nations was not there. It was all a group of communities. The sages did not know of anything artificially divide. Look at indo pak border . It is the same land on both sides. So second invocation is for nation, community, neighbours and family. “ Let there be peace “ and internally you are contemplating about community and family.

The third invocation is about yourself. “ Let there be internal peace in you”. Let your mind be in peace. Let your world is at rest.

Invoking any prayer to any God in this manner early morning, in fact the first thing in the morning reaps very rich dividends. Where? Inside your head, in your perception, in your outlook to life, situations and activities.

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Three Steps To Invite Harmony In Life


1. Stop visiting future. Plan next three hours and focus on the activity at hand. Stop visiting the anticipated result. Stop getting afraid of failure. Divide life in chunks of next three hours.
2. No past recall. The neurons will connect the present activity with a similar activity of the past. The memory recall at work will throw up the associated feelings . Based on your present energy levels either it will be good feeling or bad feeling. The moment you yield to the bad part, your focus on present activity will loose its grip. Thus no past recall. If it forces itself. Politely withdraw the invitation and shut the door on its face.
3. Things are different. Make this your default tag line. There is nothing which is good or bad. Things are different. The moment you say this, the mind gets confused as to which feeling it should invoke. In the confusion it does not invoke good or bad feeling but a neither good nor bad feeling. All neutral feelings are good.

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Think Away From Your Head, Live Farthest From Your Heart


Where do we think from? Which part of our body is involved in thinking? Where do we live? Inside the body where is the dwelling place of our life?

It is a common perception that we think with our brain. The real estate between our ears is perceived to be the place where thinking takes place.

In fact when we are thinking, we just cannot ascertain its location because finding the location itself is a thinking process. Either we can think or we can identify its location. Something which was converted into a formula famously called Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Either you can ascertain the location of the electron or you can measure its momentum.

The deeper study reveals that thinking takes place in every cell of the body. It is in every mitochondria that thinking takes place. But we give shape to thoughts inside our brain. Thoughts need language. Language is stored in memory. Thus we reach the conclusion that thinking takes place inside our brain. Many indirect methods of imaging the brain activities also point towards this.

But can we change this perception. A technique to quietening of the mind is available revolving around this concept.

In Japan they say we think through our bellies. The mind in the stomach.

An exploratory five minutes exercise does bring in a subtle change. A very strange kind of joy is experienced and the reaction turns to response.

Simply sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Focus on the tip of your nose. Follow the breath. From nostrils to throat to lungs and finish it at your belly button. Release the breath. Repeat 4-5 times.

Now take your awareness to your brain. With each breath in, shift it down. During breathe out let it stay there. Third breath in, let it be in your throat. Fourth breath in, position it in your lungs. Fifth breath in full it to your belly buttons. Next 5-6 breathes in, anchor it to the belly button. Open your eyes.

You will feel an emptiness in your head. A strange feeling in your stomach area and a thoughtlessness , blank mind.

Stay that way, resume your normal life, periodically check into this feeling. Your propensity to react will reduce. Your responses will be more meaningful.

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Can Physical Pain Be Overcome?


Pain robs us of our happiness. Physical pain takes away everything. Recall your last toothache. Recall the pain of the various stones in kidney, gall bladder. Recall the pain of the back. Recall the pain of the knees.

Pain in any part of the body is very uncomfortable experience. What happens when the pain subsides? What happens when it is at its prime?

One thing is certain, the medication only numbs the stimulus from reaching the brain. It does not address the real cause of the start of the pain. The pain killer industry thrives on numbing the brain, definitely with collateral damages.

It is very difficult to bear the pain, it is very difficult to ignore the pain, but a few strategies can mitigate the painful experience.

The first is focus on the breath. Focus completely on the tip of the nose and try to identify two things, one temperature of the incoming air and out going air. Take this at the tip of the nose. Focus on breath and try to get this even. Let the difference be less in every successive breath.

Another strategy is to focus, deep focus at the point of pain. If it is a tooth ache, focus on the tooth, focus on its root, still apply more focus on it, imagine you are touching the nerve endings which are causing the pain. With each breath in, imagine you are healing the pain. Drop everything else. Focus only on the pain, and your ability to heal. Invoke God and celestial powers you believe in . Keep on telling yourself that things are healing. Yes it’s moving. The pain is reducing. After some time, miracle will happen, you will observe a drop in the pain.

Breath. focus. belief.

The three coordinates of the miracle.

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What Robs Us Of Our Happiness Part-IV.?


Four things which rob us of our happiness are
1. Anger
2. Fear
3. Sorrow
4. Pain

Anger is primarily attributed to our ancestors, responding to present sensory input, causing partial understanding which leads to burst of energy.

Fear is encapsulated in our childhood which either threatened our survival or makes us believe that we will be left alone.

Sorrow is the loss of object of attachment and unable to find a container for the energy flowing in the channel of attachment.

The final thing that robs us of our happiness is pain. Both mental and physical. The mental pain has only one remedy. Letting go. Let go the mental position you are clutching with all your might. Let go the idea that you feel very strongly about. Let go the judgement about others. Replace it with love. See your mother in everyone. This is a very strong trigger to let go.

In order to release the knot inside, which is forcing you to judge someone as bad, look at the person, their action or utterances as if your mother is inside them and saying , acting or doing the same thing. Your perspective will change. The negative force will change colour and will become love.

This will not change the act or saying of that person. But it will reduce your self inflicted suffering. Your toxic layer of thoughts clouding your mind will go away.

Logic will return and you will be able to remove passion from your response. Since your response will be less vitriolic, the position taken by that person will also diminish. In a few exchanges, both of you will reach the point of insight where it will dawn on you that the futility of the obnoxious behaviour.

Both of you will start smiling at each other. Disputes get resolved this way. Mental pain is relived this way and this is the way.

For physical pain, we need a different treatment.

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What Robs Us Of Our Happiness Part-III?


The first two feeling are anger and fear. Both rob us of our happiness. They hijack the thought process and control the logic, reason and discretion.

The third feeling which instantaneously destroys all happiness is the feeling of sorrow. Sorrow at the loss of near and dear ones, sorrow at the loss of a material object, sorrow at the loss of a dear possession.

The thing that stays common in all these is loss. Let’s analyses this loss. When I loose a beautiful pen, what exactly is lost? Is a part of me that will never come back? What I gained by its possession? What gain will not be there?

Answers to these questions will lead us to a fact that the basis of our loss is attachment. Attachment to things which are not ours and which will decay and disappear.

Our focus remains only till the attraction. It does not venture into the area where decay sets in. We like the attraction, it invokes in us a good feeling. But feeling themselves are bubbles. Bubbles burst all over and all the time. Here also we discard the bursting part.

The disengagement of a possession, starts from the instant we possess. It drifts away from us, but we pump in energy to keep the attraction live. Finally when the disengagement is complete, loss state is achieved.

In fact we are not concerned about the loss. We are concerned about another fact. Where will we invest the energy earmarked to keep the attraction alive. This ignorance of the next container causes the sorrow to flood our mind.

Some people move on, get into a new relationship. Some identify a new object of desire, some search a new place of pilgrimage ant the cycle continues.

Identification of this fact will release suffering in us. The sorrow will cease to exist if we focus on reducing the attraction.

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What Robs Us Of Our Happiness Part-II.?


The first thing that robs us of our happiness is the feeling of anger. The misinterpretation of sensory inputs always is the cause of anger. It is simply residing in us. As they say external events are just a push to the energy waiting to explode.

The second thing that robs us of happiness is fear. Simple plain fear, with labels of thousand kinds. The classification is only of academic interest and serves no purpose in mitigating the feeling. Uncertainty in expected outcome makes this feeling rise up. Once it engulfes the entire mind space, it effects not only thought process but also the functioning of the body.

It is very difficult to tame this wild horse. A lot of courage is required to unshackle the mind from the kidnapper thought. The hijack is complete and , realisation of its grip dawns at a very late state.

A very effective technique is suggested in ancient literature. The thought process is objectifying the feeling and somehow keep it out of you. Once it is in the open, it burns in the heat of mindfulness.

A bit of internal samvad – dialogue is required when this feeling is absent. Pick up any situation where you were completely in the grip of fear. Try recalling similar situation from memory. Go as back as your childhood and try recalling the first time you were afraid in similar manner. You will observe it was as back as the time when you were five to seven years old.

Now recall your image, how you looked at that time, try some old photographs. Thus is very important, imagine, you the seven year old child is sitting next to you, in your lap holding your finger. You can only love this child , when it’s you . Look at it lovingly and tell him, we are afraid of strangers, but now we have become adults. We both will handle this encounter bravely.

Give courage to the child. Reassure him. Look at him with loving eyes. Your fear is the fear of this child. You have to dispel it from the mind of this child. This child is you.

How beautifully the entire thing gets resolved. It is so simple that all you need is a belief that it will work.

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What Robs Us Of Our Happiness.?


Why our happiness gets robbed away? Why we enter the state of deprivation of happiness so frequently? Why happiness is so short lived?

We have four feelings that hijack us away from our happiness.

The first is anger. Why do we get angry? Try answering this, we will reach no where. All answers we get will point to some theory, some medical term, or some nomenclature. We will reach a label only. We will not reach the exact reason.

You can try this. Just recall the last time you got angry. Go over the episode in your mind from the last argument, thought, action and retrace to its origin. You will start laughing at the sheer magnitude of your own misinterpretation.

The next question comes, why this mininterpretation? Why you assumed something wrongly? At that precise moment why you ignored one input that you took the wrong path?

This is real challenge of our discussion. If we can find an answer, it will help us in controlling our anger in future situations. If we cannot find an answer, then belief on following thought process will help us.

We all are a Xerox copy of our parents, who themselves were a similar copy. Thus in a way, we are carrying all our countless ancestors inside us. They all are ready to react. Any input, they all react and we respond with one of the scripts handed over by them. We do not over look. How can ear not hear what is being said? Unless it is badly or physically damaged. It is heard, we react,it depends which ancestor is answering. If things being said were not in their period, it will be discarded.

This is the real cause of anger.

You know what we all did while reading this post, we meditated. Yes. We took a thought, concentrated on it and reached an insight. The only thing missing was, awareness of breathing. Take a deep breath and re-read the post, it will definitely be a more enjoyable experience.

PS other three , in next posts…

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Interconnectedness: Is There A Cosmic Consciousness?


Are we all enveloped by a intelligence or consciousness which guides us? Is there a level of living which is beyond the comprehension of our limited intelligence?

Answers to similar questions have eluded all of us from time immemorial. But the mere existence of this quest proves that we are searching for something that is beyond the horizon we all see.

A few of the scientific exploration and quests in recent times have thrown up baffling results. The world of sub atomic particles is the most intriguing one. Three phenomena observed by a number of scientist repeatedly has been codified as electron, proton, and neutron. These are said to be discreet particles which become wave like when observed in differently.

Similar observations are observed by the quest into deep space. The inner world is a reflection of external world. Or is it vice versa? The discovery of an earth like planets recently has thrown some light on the extend and vastness of the universe. Or is it a multiverse?

The emptiness in the space is full of dark matter which we simply do not know what it consists of. Suddenly we realise the abstruse nature of our observation. Emptiness consists of dark matter which is unknown to us. Is emptiness of the universe multilayered? Multi-layered with what?

It is interconnectedness. We all are interconnected. The universe is a very finely balanced interconnected , interrelated world of emptiness. Matter is the boundary of emptiness and all is delicately balanced.

Definitely reflecting on these thoughts release a bit of suffering in us.

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